Joonas Ahlava

1975, Finland

Thought Patterns

One of the key issues of my thesis has been the role of thought in our every day functions. I have approached the subject through my Thought Patterns series observing the birth of complexity and trying to make interpretations of my subject ‚Äď thought.
The Thought Pattern works are created from a simple pattern, which is repeated again and again on top of each other like repetition in a learning process. The works evolve towards complexity, but somehow in the hidden depths they carry the originating pattern, which every now and then re-appears through the growing details.
Even though the subject was the fundamental role of thought, during the process, I noticed many other things in the world sharing a similar repetition of simple forms and therefore new interesting areas have been opening up.

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Ahlava, Joonas
Heinilehto, Teemu
Kaila, Tuukka
Koivisto, Kaisu
Lahti, Hanna
Lehtovirta, Tommi
Mandharachitara, Napin
Matikainen, Elisa
Meilahti, Sanna-Reeta
Merenlahti, Anu
Miljak, Cvijeta
Nykänen, Reetta
Pakaslahti, Hella
Ryynänen, Ulla
Valonen, Liisa
Vasko, Ea