Jenna Sutela

MA in New Media
1983, Finland

Semi-Professional Design Catalog – Access to digital tools and ideas

Semi-Professional Design Catalog explores current design activities taking place within online communities of semi-professionals: DIY or non-institutional design, aiming at material artefacts and operating with digital tools. It identifies related practices as well as tools and resources, and proposes working methods for sharing semi-professional design knowledge.

The thesis is inspired by Whole Earth Catalog, a legendary counterculture catalogue by Stewart Brand (1969), which provides access to tools for readers to find their own inspiration and shape their own environment. Adopting an approach similar to Brand’s, blurring the boundaries of expertise and everyday, Semi-Professional Design Catalog takes the discourse to a digital level, making it relevant for the design and study of community-enabling software for creative thinking.

Semi-Professional Design Catalog was produced with the support of Arki research group. The layout is designed by Ă…h Studio.

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Bruun, Taneli
Erkkola, Jussi-Pekka
Jarva, Kalle
Laakkonen, Sanna
Parkkali, Anne
Sutela, Jenna