Kalle Jarva

MA in New Media
1977, Finland

Space & Beyond

Space & Beyond is an interactive audiovisual installation. The key element of the installation is an active audience, without it there is no installation – merely an empty space. The installation reacts to spectator’s movement and activity by creating colourful motion graphics and low-frequency sounds.
Space & Beyond is an experiment in creating an interactive installation which introduces physical vibrations created by powerful low-frequency sounds as an essential part of the user experience. The original idea behind the concept was to create a spatial installation that people could not only hear and see but also feel. Other key issues were accessibility and ease-of-use. The inconspicuous ”no strings attached” approach to interactivity based on sensors only calls for an open mind, no interest in technology or prior knowledge of interactive art is required in order appreciate the installation.
Space & Beyond tries to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy and be involved with interactive art. It is not a piece to be analysed but experienced.

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Bruun, Taneli
Erkkola, Jussi-Pekka
Jarva, Kalle
Laakkonen, Sanna
Parkkali, Anne
Sutela, Jenna