Jussi-Pekka Erkkola

MA in New Media
1980, Finland

Defining Social Media

Social media has become the phenomenon of the twenty-first century. The consequences of social media have increased radically. Anyhow the term itself hasn’t had a clear definition. In order to separate social media from the earlier development phases of internet and media, it needs a specific definition.

In the thesis the term social media, was analyzed and its consequences and manifestations were examined. Social media was studied by its attributes, preconditions, consequences and neighboring terms.

According the research social media is a technology-related and structural process where individuals and groups are building shared meanings, through peer production and produsage, with help of content, communities and network technologies. Social media is also a post-industrial phenomenon and because of the changes in the production and distribution structures, it has an impact on society, economy and culture.

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Bruun, Taneli
Erkkola, Jussi-Pekka

Jarva, Kalle
Laakkonen, Sanna
Parkkali, Anne
Sutela, Jenna