Taneli Bruun

MA in New Media
1977, Finland

BruunTone One

BruunTone One is an unorthodox exploration between the boundaries of furniture and sound design at its spatial environment. It looks into the mixed perceptual elements of audio-visual media consumption in day-to-day usage.
The fertilizing fling for BruunTone One took place during the summer of 2008 when the recording studio I periodically work in was donated a visually dazzling tube radio from the 60‚Äôs. It was love at first sight. I was subconsciously dead sure the radio sounded superlative just by looking at it and grasping its well balanced aesthetics. The outer surface was brilliantly put together mirroring the vogue of its era. Also, the usability design of the device was diverse. Possessing many inaudible features it e.g. could be used as a liquor cabinet, a cupboard or a bookshelf ‚Äď in other words seamlessly as an integral part of home interiors. This lucky encounter got me inspired to build a BruunTone One -sofa, which I hope will open many ears into more perceivable listening.

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Bruun, Taneli
Erkkola, Jussi-Pekka
Jarva, Kalle
Laakkonen, Sanna
Parkkali, Anne
Sutela, Jenna