Oona Pekkola

Art Education
1980, Finland

On the Skin. Conception body jewellery

What is jewellery? Does it lay satisfied and passive in a glass cabinet or does it spark to life after being brought to touch with skin? Through my artistic work I define jewellery and examine its relation with the body philosophy. Could skin be more than just an inarticulate base for jewellery?

My creations and photographs are the conception body jewelleries, which lived for a short period of time. These pieces, belonging to category of contemporary art jewelleries, do not have a physical appearance without the human body, which through its bumps and bulges transfers jewelleries’ shape and nature. Liquid drains transfer their shape on the skin and falls off when body changes its position in the end. Time period and movements are the creation elements of the jewellery. If the creation of jewellery was repeated again with a different body, it would be a replica of the original.

My jewelleries are comment of the pleasure. Other persons’ memory remains in the air and leaves the track on the skin. When jewellery fondles the skin, it tells a story about the same feeling: melancholic and beautiful pleasure. The sweet eatable material of the jewellery emphasizes the theme.


Ala-Vannesluoma, Taija
Bäck, Fredrik
Eskelinen, Rauni
Forsman, Tiina
Isoaho, Seppo Ilmari
Kettunen, Mikko
Kärkkäinen, Sirpa Anita
Lehtimaja, Lissu
Musakka, Satu
Palaste-Arola, Raisa
Pekkola, Oona
Pätsi, Päivi
Roschier, Linda
Saarelainen, Heidi