MoA Master
Yehia Eweis

Nao Saito
Spatial Design
1974, Japan

Tea Party on the border [Helsinki 2007]
Tea Party on the border [ Helsinki 2007 ] was a scenographic setting for an improvised performance of having tea. The space consisted of a table, stools, a bench and ceramics, which were designed for the piece.

Three guests were invited to the perform­ance and asked to bring one ingredient for the tea party: hot beverage, something sweet or a scent. The guests decided what to bring with the spatial memory of their own ´house’s` in mind. A short description of their ‘house’ was heard during the performance, functioning as a part of the modified spatial elements.

’House’ was the topic of the tea party. All elements, furniture and ceramics were made from timber, which was a part of an old barn in Fiskars. This old timber was transformed into furniture and ceramics by combining new materials or by reproduction techniques.

You will share the tea with the guests, listening to their short, detailed descriptions of the house. All this adds up to a sensuous experience, intensified by the house itself; you sit on a stool which in its previous form supported the roof of the house in the forest in Fiskars.

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