MoA Master
Jokikrmeet Vuokko Isoherranen

Maanvoima Vuokko Isoherranen

Henkien tanssi Vuokko Isoherranen

Kaisaleena Mkel
Taideteollinen muotoilu
1963, Suomi

In the land of the Indigenous
In the land of the Indigenous – experiences in middle Australia. Jewellery, a video out of the scenery from the aeroplane, journey poem book. In The path of Dreaming and a book about the whole project.

Story filled air laid on your skin,
big meaning of being in everything.
The theme around, all over the land,
Was spirit uniting rock, plant and man.
The humanface on the mountainline,
the mountain waist as animal kind.
Creature in the tree,
Rock covered with sea.

Above from the sky you had a view,
of a story with humans, animals too.
Ant colonies and root-rich trees,
red dunes, desert oaks and seas.
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