MoA Master
Oribe Design Centre

Antti Pitknen
Industrial and Strategic Design
1980, Spain

Neo-chair and Critical Success Factors in a Furniture Development Process - Furniture design process review through a Finnish-Japanese design project.

The chair and written work diploma work are the outcome of a project carried out under the Invited Overseas Designers program organized between Oribe Design Centre and University of Art and Design Helsinki. The client in this project was a Japanese furniture manufacturer Toyoisu Co, Ltd. The final result of the project was a chair called Neo which was launched commercially in March 2008 in Japan.

The chair made out three-dimensionally curved steel pipe chair was designed to support user in comfort. The chair is conceived to change the atmosphere and give a new face to offices and shops. The gap between the back of the seat and the pipe frame gives elasticity to the backrest and makes it comfortable even when sitting for a long time. Neo-chairs are stackable and available in other colours and materials for special orders.

The written work is a review of the critical success factors of the product development process used in the furniture industry. The thesis draws together the best practices of established companies, together with thoughts presented in the main product development literature. In the end, it looks at the experience of the designer in the program in the light of the findings of the literature review and the interview based case studies, to conclude in describing practices that can be seen to be critical in determining the success of a furniture development project.
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