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Tomi Laaksonen

Tomi Laaksonen

Tomi Laaksonen
Industrial and Strategic Design
1979, Finland

Staff Drinks Experience Kit Cocktail tools
Staff Drinks Experience Kit is a set of cocktail tools designed for professionals and people interested in making cocktails at home. Staff Drinks, the firm behind Experience Kit wants, to make it possible for anyone to experience the magic of making cocktails. As such, the Experience Kit is designed to be a journey into the culture of cocktails and a life-long partner for anyone interested in making cocktails.
The tools are carefully designed to meet professional requirements and complemented with a guide that introduces how to use them in practice. The design philosophy reflects Scandinavian design heritage and aims for simplicity and timelessness. The Experience Kit package includes cocktail tools, a bag and a cocktail guide.

Designed for:
Staff Drinks Experience Oy

In co-operation with:
A21 Cocktail Lounge

Contact information
+358 50 919 0252