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Noora Ojala

Noora Ojala

Noora Ojala

Noora Ojala
Fine Arts
1975, Finland

Living Murals
Do it to yourself. Arts in the street bewilder, esthetically perfect, clumsy, childish, agitprop, trendy, classic, sabotage and everything that I cannot imagine. Brazil, nowadays a graffiti leader in the world, offers most unique and colorful works on its bleeding streets.

Living Murals animation is constructed from street art which describes the brutality and dreams of life. It has the full tones of everything that stands between those two, and in the background stays the huge jungle of metropolises, these cities that have grown wildly in the last decades and the flood of poor people moving in to the city still seems endless.

This story was made under the Brazilian sun, in its shadows and feverish tempo of life. Music is made by carioca (a resident of Rio de Janeiro) MV Bill. A highly respected member of his community and a media figure, MV Bill is the symbol of political speech that makes a musical chronicle of the war on the Brazilian favelas, the initial step of an urgent discussion about violence, prejudice, and citizenship.

Material collected from Brazil 2006-2007

Director & Photographing & Animation & Editing & postproduction: Noora Ojala

Music: MV Bill

Falção – O Bagulho é Doido
2006 / Gravadora: Chapa Preta
Produção Executiva: Pedro Lacalle
Produzido por: Mv Bill / Dj Luciano / Kapony / Parteum

Songs: Falção – O Bagulho é Doido / É Nos e a Gente
Falção – O Bagulho é Doido / O Preto em Movimento

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