MoA Master
Paavo Lehtonen

Julia Wlfing
Applied Art and Design
1981, Germany

Karhu Neoriginals
My thesis work describes the creation of a new leather accessory collection called Neoriginals for Karhu Originals. The current line Originals is produced by a Finnish company Karhu Sporting Goods Oy based in Helsinki. The collection consists of retro shoes, bags and clothing. Karhu was founded in 1916 and its present designs reflect the heritage of the company’s vintage products.

The design challenge of this project was to create a simple, updated version of their old style by translating Karhu’s heritage into modern times. The collaboration combined my personal visions for the line with the requirements of the company. In order to create simplistic and classic designs, it was vital to understand the aesthetics and driving forces behind Karhu Originals. Local production plays a fundamental role in the process, the collection Neoriginals stands for quality design, “made in Finland”.
Contact information
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