MoA Master
Maija Itkonen
Industrial and Strategic Design
1977, Finland

Bloody Cables! Redesigning the User Experience of Charging
I found a thesis subject in my bag.

Bloody cables! I carry around chargers, I borrow them from friends and strangers, I search for sockets under desks and behind furniture, I even cry for help from bartenders, and still, I get interrupted by ‘Low battery! You should switch to outlet power immedi­ately to keep from losing your work.’ It makes me feel embarrassed, angry and handicapped.

Where is the ever-present mobility and integrated intelligence? In the brand messages the world is already wireless, but in reality we are surrounded by wires all the time. I believe in the statement ’The best experience is invisible’; reforming the use situation is more about removing than adding. My concept is not about designing a new charger, but about forgetting charging and chargers. Another statement I’d bet on is ‘Experience is the product’; customer desirability comprises of the comprehensive user experience, which is more than the characters of the physical objects.

I look at the world through glasses of a designer – looking for challenges. For me the ‘bloody cables’ is at the same time an irritating usability problem, a captivating design problem and an inspiring research problem.


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