MoA Master
Noomi Ljungdell

Tiskaaja Noomi Ljungdell

Noomi Ljungdell
1979, Finland

Topography of the daily
Topography of the daily consists of black and white text based works that attempt to map the everyday. They deal with the questions of how verbal and visual representations differ and what happens when the view of the world is fragmented.

I've used a photograph of the view from my window on the basis of Maisema (Landscape), and written down the things I saw in it. Later I've removed the original. When transformed into words, things loose their proportions. Nothing is in front or behind, bigger or smaller. The concepts exist typographically equal, but yet different in weight of meaning. The image has become abstracted floating words, and there aren't clear entities in the fragmented image. The viewer needs to read the image word by word, construct the meaning  and completes the work.
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