MoA Master
Timo Mikkonen

Timo Mikkonen

Timo Mikkonen
Spatial Design
1979, Finland

Villa Kouki
The subject of my final thesis was to design a modern wooden summerhouse with a separate sauna for a family of four, in the archipelago of Turku. The basis was to design a house which places well into the nature and the beautiful view.

My aim was to design a building that has personal identity and character. To me it was very important that the summerhouse would be a functional unity where the customer’s hopes and dreams are taken into consideration.

One of the main points was the under­standing of wooden constructions and materials. My future plan is to know how to design and build unique detached houses and summerhouses.

I designed a one floor summer house that merges well into the nature. The main idea in the building is the two hollows on both side of the building. These hollows create a personal architectural detailing to the building together with the beautiful sea view that opens trough the large panorama windows.

The whole process was very challenging and rewarding for me. In the process I learned a lot about wooden houses and constructions. This process gave me valuable experience about real design projects and working with the customer.
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