MoA Master
Chien-Mei Chang

Chien-Mei Chang
Spatial Design
1981, Taiwan

Students' Kitchen
Nowadays many students study abroad, and they often live in an apartment where they share the kitchen with people with different backgrounds. The kitchen becomes an important space where students gather together and share their life.A student kitchen in a shared flat is different from the type of kitchen a family would have. Students have different sched­ules and cooking habits. Moreover, they are used to managing their affairs alone. On one hand, people go to the kitchen to be with people. On the other hand, they expect to have some individual space where they can be quiet and relax themselves.The questionnaire I did revealed that even though all students value the importance of communication and they do not like to eat alone, more than half of them ate in their own room. As a result, the ideal of having company while eating is not realized. In my diploma work I introduce a different kind of shared kitchen is intro­duced to the student apartment. The need for private use as well as sharing is consid­ered. Moreover, from this potential a different kind of relationship to having company is born, one that encompasses the original idea of sharing.
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