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Sini Talonen

Sini Talonen

Sini Talonen
Textile Art
1981, Finland

Mhk installation
The Möhkö-installation is a world composed of movement, form and delicate light, wherein sympathetic “möhkös”  (blocks) are in dialogue.

The physical world is only a link to an invisible property that may be met in both the material and immaterial. Materialization has been crystallized through an interaction process, wherein one has been looking for the physical concreteness of the “möhkö” property by visualizing its elusive immaterial substance. On the other hand, one has got closer to the immaterial in appreciating in something lifeless physical object, like a stone by a path, that “it has got it – it´s exactly möhkö”.
Blockiness is a certain characteristic and it can be depicted only restrictedly.  Platonically speaking the “möhkös” are only an effort to fulfil the “idea” of blockiness. The work may also be considered as a place where truth is revealed. When the “möhkö” installation is understood as experiential by nature, one concurs with the idea of Heidegger how the artist, when creating by shaping and constructing an immaterial idea into a piece of art, unveils “art”.

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