MoA Master
Photo: Niina Vatanen

Niina Vatanen
1977, Finland

Grey Diary
My diploma work consists of two photographic works: The Red Letter (and Other Confessions) and Grey Diary. Part of the work Grey Diary is displayed in the exhibition. The work consists of 22 photographs and one collection of objects that consists of 154 shooting targets, named 157 Wounds.

Usually I start working on the basis of a personal event or remembrance. I believe that I can only tell about things that have touched me personally. For me photography is a way of communicating. Through photographs I can give form to things about which I otherwise cannot or am not able to talk.

The photographs in Grey Diary originate from losing a person close to me. Grey is a state of mind. It is sadness, forgotten days, silent rooms. The photographs are my notes. They are attempts to engrave on my mind all that is still left, as well as attempts to reach for the moments that are already gone.
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