MoA Master
Kai Widell

Kai Widell
1977, Finland

White Integral
The exhibition is an installation that consists of video works. The pieces are pictures in the space between photos and moving image. With the work I am pondering a persons relationship with reality and his perception of it. I am interested in what is reality or is it just an illusion. For me, the pieces are a way to explore these questions.

The work, White Integral, is more about searching for the questions than about presenting a finished answer. How do we observe the world, are our observations of it correct or are they still inadequate and incomplete?
Is the hastiness and rat race of everyday life a way of escaping life’s real questions?
What type of things one should be aiming at in life?

Kai Widell (b.1977) is a photographer who has worked in Cuba, Chile and France to name a few. He has had exhibitions in Finland, Cuba, Mexico and Poland. White Integral is his first solo exhibition. It is a photography part of his masters’ degree work. It also includes a written part in which he deals with his own artistic works and questions about perceptions relationship with reality. He is currently living and working in Helsinki.
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