MoA Master
Laura Rahinantti

Kuva: Laura Rahinantti

Laura Rahinantti
Graphic design
1974, Finland

Social Fundraising Campaigns in Finland
My diploma work Social Fundraising Campaigns in Finland consists of a design process and a theoretical study, which is presented as a book.

The diploma work presents the design process of Common Responsibility Campaign 2007. The project was a group work as a part of Graphic design department’s MA-studies.

Theoretical study presents the history of Common Responsibility Campaign and comparison of several other annual fundraising campaigns in Finland during 2001-2007.

Fundraising campaigns are studied as a part of social advertising. The study presents the special demands of designing a fundraising campaign. In means to do that, the campaign communications, its role in society and in advertisement is studied.

Common Responsibility Campaign has been designed together with University of Art and Design Helsinki Graphic design department and Common Responsibility Campaign Office since 2006. This has resulted excellent results in fundraising and rousing feedback from interest groups and public.

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