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Ninni Heldt
Art Education
1971, Finland

Sight size method
I have studied in the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy in 1998 – 99 and 2001 – 02. The Florence Academy of Art is an American private school were one can study sight-size method which comes from the 19th century academic tradition. During the 19th century this tradition was taught in all art academies in Europe and America.
As a painter I wanted to deepen my studies and to experience similar training that artists had in the 19th century. My first year study was an intensive drawing course and the second year of my studies included mainly painting.
My thesis is about studying and learning the sight-size method. During the second year of my studies I kept a diary were I wrote about my experiences in the Florence Academy of Art. I have tried to find an answer what one can learn by working with the sight-size-method?
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