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Aleksi Koskinen

Aleksi Koskinen

Aleksi Koskinen

Salli Raeste
Fashion and Clothing Design
1979, Finland

Cool & Bored
Cool & Bored is a music-video-like film about the young MeWe generation living in Helsinki. How do they see the world, the future and the Finnish modern design? Do they respect traditional design ideals or do they invent new functions for classical design objects?

Film consists of young foregoing people and Finnish design; fashion, furniture and glassware. The music in the film is from Le Corps Mince de Françoise, which is a cool upcoming band of three young girls.

The aim of this film is to bring up thoughts about new image of Finland and to represent a new generation that will have its say on designing and consuming Finnish design.The film project is based on the theoreti­cal part of Raeste’s thesis where she studied the youth of today. Expert interviews and future study techniques which are based on intuitive information gathering are familiar from Masters studies. The future lies within the youth and therefore it’s important to get to know tomorrow’s values.

Through Cool & Bored the youth will see Finnish design in their own language. Design companies can see their products presented in a new way and hopefully get ideas for tomorrow’s products.

Director: Miikka Lommi
Filmography: Aleksi Koskinen
Stylist: Henna Koskinen
Make up: Jenny Jansson
Hair: Sedin Klapuh
Spatial design: Lauri Johansson
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+358 50 324 6768