MoA Master
Riia Mustonen
Media Lab
1976, Finland

A Different Journey
A Different Journey is an audiovisual tool to en­ter and understand the challenging world of a premature birth. In Finland, every 20th baby is born prematurely, affecting a large circle of family, friends, and health care personnel. There is much demand in providing support in the crisis. The co-production of Media Lab and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Hel­sinki University Central Hospital combined science, design, and digital media to come up with an uncompromising solution.

The resulting two-hour dvd, with its three separate parts, provides the previously lacking story of a different parenthood and practical tips on reconnecting with the baby. Including the first audiovisual material on premature babies’ communication, it has proven to be of significant value to the Finnish neonatal care. With this practical tool, new methods and practices of work are enabled at the unit.A Different Journey has surprised both the design team and the hospital personnel through its heartening reception with families, health care personnel, and the media. Design can also be non-physical and through it, we can seek to help people in a real life crisis.

A Different Journey is the diploma work of Riia Celen (director) and Päivi Puntila (producer).

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