MoA Master
Sanna Kauppinen

Sanna Kauppinen
Art Education
1977, Finland

On the way to becoming a non-nature photographer
The artistic part of my thesis consists of a guide to nature photography “On the way to becoming a non-nature photographer – or how to photograph nature without nature, a beard or an extention tube set”. Non-nature photography was born as a genre when I didn’t have the resourses to be a nature photographer myself but liked nature and owned a camera. This peculiar guide introduces its readers to this marvellous genre, which everyone can experience without a telephoto lens or the sought of the woods. The introspective in this work are my alternative nature photographs. In spite of the slightly humorous touch, this genre’s origin lies deeper. Non-nature photography is a harsh genre which draws its motifs from a poor natured urban environment and the conflict between idyllic, traditional nature photography.

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