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Seat for Only Two 2.0 Rodolfo Samperio

Rodolfo Samperio
Applied Art and Design
1974, Mexico

Show Your Bones (Imperfect Moments)
The things of the world are limited by nature. Man-made objects are no exception. Show Your Bones strives to make you aware and take advantage of such limitations by engaging in action; physical and intellectual. In that particular interaction lies valuable information unattainable by any other means. Show Your Bones revolves around a “cooperative” series of modular furniture, which embodies such views in the most rough, minimal and honest way possible: a two-piece chair cooperates with a wall to stand, a seat needs the cooperation of two people so it can be sit on, table and shelf systems invite you to recycle and be patient. Ultimately, Show Your Bones is a reference to the beauty of punk, which resides not only in its brutal honesty, but in the things it is not, in the things that are kept silent in music.

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UPM-Kymmene Wood Division
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