MoA Master
Michele-Isabell Takala

Michele-Isabell Takala
Art Education
1971, Suomi

Blue blooded
In my work, Blue Blooded the leading role is played by men’s collar shirts. Collar shirt is fascinating as an object because it has certain symbolic values attached to it. It has acted as a symbol for a gentlemen and it also has the idea of power attached to it. In my work I wanted to play with these symbolic values.
Pictures made using cyanotype technique are incorporated in the work. Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that gives a cyan-blue print; Sir John von Herschel devel­oped the process in 1840. Iron salts are used to soften a porous material; the picture is then exposed to the material using uv-light. The resulting blue pictures are used to create new meanings to the work.
Different themes are handled through the collared shirts, themes that move from the thematic of forgetting and absence to themes of objectification and power.The pieces are fragments of time and people.
Pieces of ones own memory, indications and borrowings of the life of others and other visual worlds.

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