MoA Master
Liikkumatta Kaisa Nyberg

Kaisa Nyberg
Pori Art and Media
1979, Suomi

My work deals with the experience and interaction of observation and a human body as a stage of  “self”. The body of my work is a study about the materialization of my experiences. As a result, I have made a serie of nine brooches, and shaped images of views from the public spaces with human figures. The jewellery and the images function as comments of what I see and feel, and they contain thoughts about social distances in public and private spaces.

We are all passers-by to one another. The shelter given by anonymity and the mask formed by the expressionless face hide an experience in ones mind in the flow of passers-by. How do looks, situations and places define our interpretations and what awakens our attention? As one experiences passers-by and surroundings in a moment as aesthetically interesting, one is shaping his or her individual world, as well.

The work has been supported by the Art Council of  Satakunta.
Contact information
+358 40 729 1438