MoA Master
Jesse Pietil

Markku Pietil
Spatial Design
1978, Finland

Ambivalence as a spatial experience
My diploma work is a space divider which represents a new way to divide space in the era of visual culture. My approach is based on the perception of the visually impaired. I bring the concept of visual imparity among normally perceiving people by means of a new way to divide space. This is realised by creating a method to restrict and govern the act of light, thus interspatial sights. The screen produces a disturbance into percep­tion and creates an ambivalent spatial experience.

The screen can be designed as an individual project with respect to the needs of each space, and it is designed to work both in private as well as public spaces.

The work is done in cooperation with
Ruukki Oy
ProLaser Oy
Contact information
+358 50 532 47 18