MoA Master
Interviewing the audience Arja Lehtimki

Arja Lehtimki
Environmental Art
1975, Suomi

Tango Finlandes
Tango Finlandes is a site specific environmental art project which took place in Buenos Aires during November 2007. Finnish tango dancing was filmed during the Seinäjoki Tango Festival (2007) and projected as a mural onto a wall in central Buenos Aires.

Finnish tango music was played on a car stereo next to the projection. The aim of the project was to explore tango as a phenomenon in order to examine the character of the environment and the different societies which it had evolved in. What does tango reveal about Finland and Argentina? What is the character of Finnish tango and how can it be communicated through art? How is it possible to capture the spirit of Finnish tango and take it back to its origins? What reactions did this raise in Buenos Aires?   

In collaboration with: Teemu Kivikangas, Pertti Mustonen, Astor Orlandi, Christine McKeown, Milla Pelkonen, Eeva Huttunen (Suomen suurlähetystö Buenos Aires), Seinäjoen Tangomarkkinat
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