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Jrmy Couture

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Jeremy Couture
Graphic design
1980, Canada

12 chairs
Brought to life by a 'less but better' thinking, the 12 chairs are given examples on how our material culture can be created into a more meaningful manner. Meaning leads us on a journey where sustainability takes multiples forms, from greener materials to enriching experiences. A more meaningful material culture signifies also rethinking production methods that are obviously obsolete in our modern consumptive model. It can also be found in new creativity enablers that would embrace people and their relationships towards their global environment.

In a time where sustainability is more than always taken as only a wrong green paradigm of recycling, it is imperative to acknowledge the premium humanistic values of people's well-being rather than focusing on a purely superficial materialistic avenue. Sustainability must be used as a way of fulfilling a derived material culture.

By using values of embracement acting on different levels of strength, it could then be possible to make emerge meaning through relationships between objects and people. Values of embracement such as experience, mystery, memories, environmental consciousness, caring, fiction, etc, would then be the cores of materiality, playing a supportive role with functionality and aesthetics in the relationships and the life between objects and people. Because every theory needs to be confronted to reality, each chair illustrate several of those values.

Quote: ' La vie est bien trop sérieuse pour être prise au sérieux ', Sépaki Adissa, Tiré du roman L'Illustre Grand-Père, 1973, Éditions au Delà du Réel. p.36
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