MoA Master
Kirje Johanna Pitknen

Vaniljaeskimo Johanna Pitknen

Johanna Pitknen
Art Education
1977, Suomi

Settings is a series of photographs illustrating a transformation of meaningful place into an empty meaningless space, where only the traces that people left behind remind us of the life that once existed. Does the meaning of the place remain when the people have left or does it turn into a mere set, to a stage of meaningful events? On one hand photos are documents of the empty spaces and on the other they itself are the settings: the reality demarcates to the composition that is staged.
Studying of empty spaces is tied to renouncing the childhood home and saying goodbye to meaningful places. The photo­graphs were taken in the empty rooms of 50’s multi-storey residential building, which was torn down in the summer 2006 in the Eastern Finland – in my small hometown.

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