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Petra Heikkiln Makin makiikkaa -kirjan kansi Petra Heikkil-Perki

Kuvitusta Petra Heikkiln Makin makiikkaa -kirjasta Petra Heikkil-Perki

Kntkuva Petra Heikkiln Makin makiikkaa -kirjasta Petra Heikkil-Perki

Petra Heikkil-Perki
Art Education
1976, Finland

Makis magic
Makin makiikkaa (Maki’s magic) is a book on imagination, a picture book that helps to understand new purposes for objects. There are word and picture games in the book which encourage the reader to make own discoveries.
Maki is a small monkey who realises miracles in everyday life. Maki is the guide to the world of magic, and the narrator of this book. What does Maki take with him to a deserted island? How can one draw clouds?
Everyday life and imagination character­ize also in the illustration. The figures are painted and everyday objects are transformed as photo collages. Makin makiikkaa offers ideas for children and adults to see and create miracles together in their everyday life. These tricks can’t be done incorrectly. The written part of Petra Heikkilä’s ma thesis is a study where she analyses how a writer-illustrator can get a connection into a child’s world. Heikkilä tells also about her book making process and investigates what kind of miracles are hidden in everyday objects and what are the challenges of those miracles.
Lasten Keskus has published the book.
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