MoA Master
Ili Marttinen

Ili Marttinen
Graphic design
1976, Finland

Rebranding of the TV-channel YLE TV1
Rebranding of the TV-channel YLE TV1

The subject of my work is rebranding of the TV-channel YLE TV1. I was part of Finnish Broadcasting Company’s (YLE) marketing team which included art director (me), producer (Risto Vuorensola), editor (Henri Nyrhinen), two media-editors (Jomppa Mustonen and Riitta Liinamo) and composer/audio-designer (Kimmo Kaivanto).

I was responsible for all visual designing. I took also part in every other aspect of the process. My work as channel’s AD didn’t end when the re-branding was first shown on-air but in fact continues even now.

Here are the basic elements of the new identity:
Announcement graphics
Web site –design

New identity is a fusion of traditional and modern elements. Channel’s swan-symbol is based on Finnish Broadcasting Company’s old corporate imagery but in the same time it’s brand new. The typography has a classic feel to it. Sound design is purely modern and combines synthetic instruments with organic sound effects.
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