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Mirage II Sari Hiltunen

The ones who remain Sari Hiltunen

Mirage I Sari Hiltunen

Sari Hiltunen
Art Education
1974, Finland

Sari Hiltunen’s works have been born after her recovery from the loss of a loved one. In her works, she meditates upon remembering, the distance brought by the years, death as such, as well as liberation from sorrow and jumping into the rhythm of life. After the sorrow, the world has opened up to her as motion and an existential state; after a while, it is impossible to return to the past. It no longer exists.
Sari Hiltunen’s works were created by drawing and computer processing. As her tool, she chose the pencil, whose timeless mark she has always liked. In the drawing process, the pencil acted as an extension of thought and liberated her from pondering on the technique. Various intertwined thought patterns created a pile of sketches; while drawing them, she was not yet thinking about the form of the finished work. The works were only finished on the computer screen. The computer gave her the opportunity to break the boundaries of the paper, to mercilessly cut the sketches into pieces, to combine el ements from different works and create surprising compositions.
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