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Ida Pimenoff

Back cover Ida Pimenoff

Eevaliina Rusanen
Graphic design
1981, Finland

How to sell a nonfiction book?

The new visual identity for a non-fiction book series Huutomerkki (= Exlamation mark) has been designed as a part of a masters degree final work. Huutomerkki series, dealing with the society and politics, was originated in 1968 and then ceased in 1983. In spring 2008, Tammi starts publishing Huutomerkki books again with a new look. Eevaliina Rusanen has designed the new visual identity and logo for the series. In future, 5-8 books will be published every year. The first books are Salainen pankkituki, written by Economic Correspondent Seppo Konttinen, and Venäjä-teesit by Heidi Hautala, a Member of the Finnish Parliament.

"Designing visual identity for a cutting-edge non fiction book series was really interesting. I wanted to create a strong visuality. New Huutomerkki is different, strong and modern. Easy-to-understand, popularised non -fiction is blooming. A fact that makes this final work interesting and topical. In 2008, four new non-fiction book series dealing with the society and politics will be published in Finland. And for a designer, it is always nice that the design work has a long life ahead."

Other members of the group:

Markko Taina, Head of graphic design department in Tammi

Petteri Paasilinna, Head of non-fiction literature

Tuula Kousa, Special editor

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