MoA Master
Mikko Ryhnen

Kaisa Harrington

Aino Vainio
Fashion and Clothing Design
1979, Finland

I Know Why No
I KNOW WHY NO is a women's wear collection. The name of the collection is based on mine with a twist of drama. The collection consists of around twenty pieces that work as their own separates or can be combined as wished.

I KNOW WHY NO collection's inspiration is in Helsinki street styles that I've researched in the written part of my master's thesis. Other sources of inspiration have been Hollywood glamour and decay, the northern darkness, mentality and nature.

In the materials of the clothing I've looked for interesting contrasts, such as light/ heavy, shine/matte. The most important materials are the net like mohair knit, the shiny hologram vinyl, the hand painted velvet, the silk jersey and - chiffon. The silks are dyed by painting with deep and intense colors to resemble northern lights and outer space. As an accessory and a detail in the collection is the heart-shape jewellery. The collection has been photographed by Kaisa Harrington, Kaapo Kamu and Mikko Ryhänen.
Contact information
+358 40 764 9006