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Pia Salmi

Pia Salmi

Pia Salmi
Industrial and Strategic Design
1972, Finland

Guidelines for materials and coatings for wood and metal materials in urban town benches of Helsinki
The subscriber of the work was the Helsinki city’s Public Works Department, Street and Park Division. A thorough survey was needed to clarify the most durable materials and coatings for the urban furniture in our Nordic capital Helsinki. There was also a need to design two new benches suitable for the Helsinki cityscape.

The recommendation of the European close-grained wood was ended up for wood material as a final result of the material survey. The recommended kinds of wood are oak, the heartwood of pine tree and the heartwood of larch. Wooden parts are to be coated with a coat of paint which has the good duration properties and infection properties and also is easy to use from the maintenance point of view. Miranol by Tikkurila Oy was found to be this kind of a goal.

Stainless steel or galvanised and powder coated steel is recommended from the metals. Hot galvanizing + zinc phosphate + powder paint is to be used as a coating system.

In the design of new benches attention was paid to several edge conditions: hopes of the maintenance of the simplicity of benches, hopes of the acquisition of the advantageousness of the benches, hopes of city architects of the calm style suitable to Helsinki and accessibility instructions and ergonomics instructions. The planning process that was carried out with these conditions produced the view on what the style of the urban furniture suitable for Helsinki concretely is like: The urban benches of Helsinki are the high-quality use stuff of the everyday. Urban bench of Helsinki is convincing from its structure and its materials, lasting and sturdy piece of furniture of the exterior. Urban benches have a stylish and simple style, consisting of few elements.

Project group:
City of Helsinki, urban furniture team:
Saaristo-Wahlberg Arja, planning expert, interior architect
Palmgren Tomas, landscape architect, public space designer
Holopainen Raija, project manager
Arponen Petri, park manager

Tikkanen-Lindström Terhi, office manager, Public Works Department, Street and Park Division, City of Helsinki.
Tujula Pirjo, Helsinki for All, project manager, Public Works Department, City of Helsinki
Siikonen Mari, industrial designer, WSP Finland Ltd
Ilveskorpi Liisa, interior designer, WSP Finland Ltd
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