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Susanna Hoikkala & Tanja Sipil

Susanna Hoikkala &Tanja Sipil

Kampauspyt Susanna Hoikkala & Tanja Sipil

Susanna Hoikkala
Applied Art and Design
1975, Finland

Paju ja Puro Bathroom Collection
The Paju and Puro bathroom collection is designed for Isku Keittiöt Oy. The collection consists of a moulded marble sink, sink cabinet, door, selection of mirrors and a vanity table. The collection's design is based on nature, flowing water and wintery forests. The design objective has been to be distinguished from the competition and applicability in bathrooms of different sizes. The aim is to bring bathroom furniture alongside Isku Keittiöt kitchens.

The collection has been designed by Susanna Hoikkala and Tanja Sipilä as their master's thesis for The University of Art and Design for the department of Design.
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