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Mascot Pattern Bakery

Pattern Bakery

Maria Iljanko
Textile Art
1977, Finland

Pattern Bakery
Pattern Bakery is a collective of six textile and clothing designers. The cooperative was founded in 2007 and the main field of expertise is surface design. The roots of Pattern Bakery are at an entrepreneurship course held at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Once the business took flight after the class was it became relevant to re-define Pattern Bakery’s business idea and identity.

The thesis clarifies what are the main principles of activity of Pattern Bakery and what its brand is like. Throughout the process, the thesis also touches on the role of a designer, the character of entrepreneurship and the theory of brands and their signifi­cance. To create a more solid ground for Pattern Bakery, the thesis also explores group dynamics, personal goals and the product and market.

The final outcome is the first brand manual for Pattern Bakery. The manual includes the crystallized business idea and the basic philosophy, the so-called ‘peppilogy of a delicious brand ‘. It records the basic ideas and values of Pattern Bakery as well as the structure of its brand. The designers of Pattern Bakery are: Erja Alander, Maria Iljanko, Salla Kangasniemi, Miia Pöytälaakso, Minttu Wikberg and Jaana Woll.


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