Perpetual motion has been found!

Give me a solid ground to stand on and I will move the world.
Such statement could sound defiant and boastful unless the person saying it had moved the world in such way that still, 2200 years after his statement, creative people shout Eureka! in a moment of inspiration.

Although Archimedes, Greek physician and mathematician, is not the official patron of MoA08 his phrase can be kept as the unofficial motto for the festival. MoA or Masters of Arts is a parting ritual for the MA students at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. The impacts of this parting will not stay inside the walls of Arabia centre or Lume centre, the energy is set free all over Helsinki and outside. MoA is not a closed showcase. It is an open space where ideas spread together with objects and creations virtually and in a form of discussions.

These ideas can be thought of as being like sharks in which movement is an integral part of their nature. Only in movement do they stay alive and bring out new ideas. That is why ideas can be thought of as real perpetual motion.

Movement and change dont exist without stability and ground, just as Archimedes knew. A jump up in the air always starts from a surface (even in a trampoline) and without gravity the jump wouldnt feel like flying.

University of Art and Design Helsinki offers the solid ground at MoA. It creates a fertile ground for creativity that can be seen in the hundreds of graduation works of the new Masters of Arts.The exhibition covers all the graduates from different disciplines; industrial design, fine art, movies, graphic design, fashion design, media art, textile design, spatial design, furniture design, user interface design, objects and research.
From its nature MoA is not only an animal looking for change but also an animal looking for variety of shapes.Luckily the curators job is not to tame the animal but on the contrary to promote its growth and provoke it to act.
The beast is released on 7th of May. Do you dare to join?