Kaisa Hoikkala: Kokoro kuva Aino Huovio
Gallery Norsu Presents Masters on the Road

The University of Art and Design Helsinki and nine Masters of Art of 2008 participate in an exhibition at Gallery Norsu from 15 August to 13 September 2008 in Helsinki. The Masters of Art works will form a varied artistic entity inside within the Gallery. The exhibition will showcase pieces of art that are innovative and functional utilities, as well as art works that lie in-between art and design.

This year’s Masters on the Road exhibition at Gallery Norsu is the third of its kind. The exhibitions are a follow-up to the annual Masters of Art Exhibition held at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (TaiK) in May. Equally, these exhibitions are an opportune chance to become noticed and showcase one’s art fresh in a new environment, and also to network.

The Masters on the Road exhibition in 2008 is very international as the exhibitors are from, for instance: Jérémy Couture from Canada, Nao Saito from Japan, and Shin Soyoung from South Korea.

The yearly Helsinki Festival week in August incorporates The Night of the Arts event on Friday 22 August. In the evening, at 19.00 Nao Saito will give a performance "Tea Party on the Border" at the Gallery.

TaiK Masters of Art 2008 at the exhibition are:
Jérémy Couture
Heli Ellis
Ainomaria Haataja
Antti Hahl
Kaisa Hoikkala
Kaisa Nyberg
Markku Pietilä
Nao Saito
Shin Soyoung