In one day's time, creative passion will be bubbling in Helsinki! The young talents of design, photography, film, media art and fine arts will reveal their bold visions in the annual degree show at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (TaiK), during 7–25 May 2008.

Originally a showcase for young graduating artists and designers, the event has grown into a three-week-long Masters of Arts Festival (MoA) bringing creative professions together, and offering, in addition to an inspiring exhibition and lively programme, a series of top international seminars. Again this year, the seminars have attracted guest speakers from around the world, from the cutting edge of art, design, and architecture, such as Greg Lynn, Ross Lovegrove, Satyendra Pakhalé, Neil Denari, Hitoshi Abe, Thomas Sandell and Stephen Emmott.

The University of Art and Design Helsinki is the largest university of its kind in Scandinavia and one of the most international ones in Europe. This year 20 percent of the exhibitors in MoA08 are international graduates, representing countries including Japan, China, Mexico, USA, Canada, Norway, Germany, Uganda, Iceland, South Korea, The Netherlands and Taiwan.


The University of Art and Design Helsinki is proud to present 80 new MA graduates in the Masters of Arts 2008 Festival degree show. The exhibition showcases the creativity and know-how that lives, grows and flows at TaiK. By organising this event the University wants to give wings to the young masters on their way towards a successful future. The festival creates an environment for interaction between the young creators and potential employees, curators, supporters, artists and entrepreneurs. The Masters of Arts Festival is Finland’s most extensive annual display of youthful design, film, photography, visual arts, and media arts.

Masters of Arts is a unique event. Its special quality is conveyed to the audience through the exhibition works. The diverse nature of these works is proof that the University of Art and Design Helsinki embraces more than one truth. MoA is an exhibition for which it is impossible, and even futile, to come up with a unifying theme; reflecting the diversity of working methods and approaches contained in the work of the exhibition.


MoA is also much more than an annual degree show. The international seminars and other events of the three-week festival create a platform for societal discourse and dialogue between the exhibited works, and for possibilities for new exciting businesses to be born. Through these multilateral interactions a dynamic, polyphonic and lively festival is created.

After this year’s MoA festival, which is the fourth since its inception, there has been close to 300 chosen exhibitors, 140 lecturers in 22 seminars, and more than 160 individual events. The MoA team has involved over 100 members and dozens of collaborators. The exhibition attracts around 12000 visitors each year. All this is evidence of the enormous investment the University addresses to the masters and in development of Finnish culture.


As a tradition, MoA08 presents a series of international seminars. This year the topics range from architecture to passion and from the creative use of technology to the changes in science.

19.5. On the Edge of Change
This seminar looks at change as an event, especially from the perspective of technology and science. In his lecture Professor Stephen Emmott will discuss the findings of a group of internationally distinguished scientists on the role and future of science in 2020.

20.5. Passion
Finnish speakers representing a wide range of different interests will participate in the Passion seminar to talk about creative work and take a stand for creativity. The speakers include glass designer, professor Oiva Toikka, TV producer the creative director of Broadcasters Saku Tuominen and the innovative video and sound designer Ville Hyvönen.

21.5. The Art of Life and Design
This seminar introduces the personalities behind works of art and design. Its international array of speakers are absolute leaders in their respective fields. Ross Lovegrove, Satyendra Pachalé and Thomas Sandell will share their personal stories and experiences from their rise to fame. A multidisciplinary approach and a shared ability to work on different scales unites these different creative personalities. The seminar is moderated by Ilkka Suppanen.

22.5. Special Effects
The theme of MoA architecture seminar deals with the creative use of cutting-edge technology to produce new architectural effects. The participants come from Los Angeles, Southern California. The speakers Hitoshi Abe, Neil Denari and Greg Lynn as well as the seminar moderator Kivi Sotamaa are all independent designers as well as professors at the UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Design.

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The joint press conference of the MoA08 degree exhibition and Eames by Vitra exhibition will be held May 6 2008  at 11 am in Median Centre Lume in University of Art and Design Helsinki, Hämeentie 135 C, 00560 Helsinki.

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