Greg Lynn
Greg Lynn, Hitoshi Abe & Neil Denari on stage, May 22nd, 2008
The high profile MoA seminar series brings international top speakers to four different seminars held at the Media Centre Lume. The seminars of the year 2008 include topics like architecture, passion and the state on change.

The participants of the  Architecture -seminar entitled Special Effects, held on May 22nd, come from Los Angeles, Southern California - the home of aeronautive, automotive and film industries, as well as the avant-garde of architecture in the United States. The speakers Hitoshi Abe, Neil Denari and Greg Lynn are all independent designers as well as professors at the UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Design.

Hitoshi Abe’s works such as Miyagi stadium (2000) and the Reihoku community hall, are both spatially complex and structurally innovative, his restaurant Aoba Dei in Sendai is one of the best examples of ephemeral, atmospheric space in contemporary design. Abe is one of the few Japanese architects who are a part of the international architectural discourse, both through his visionary work and his writing. Abe is the director of UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Design and one of most influential and international architects in his generation in Japan.
Neil Denari is dedicated to the exploration of contemporary life through the media of architecture, urban planning, and industrial design. He became internationally famous at a young age from speculative projects that portrayed a highly technological vision of architecture, sometimes coined as Machine Architecture. Just as our machines have evolved, so has his sensibility developed toward a more coherent, biomorphic sensibility. Neil Denari was one of the founders and directors of SciArc Southern California Institute for Architecture. Currently Denari leads a successful building practice NMDA in Los Angeles and holds a professorship at UCLA.
Greg Lynn is the most important theoretical voice of his generation and the leader of digital design revolution, ongoing since the 90’s. It is difficult to overstate his importance for the younger generation of progressive architects. He has quite simply transformed the field through his six books and projects that range from digital research to coffee pots for Alessi and building projects ongoing in Los Angeles. He was recently on Time Magazine’s list of 100 most important innovators of the century. In addition to running his practice Greg Lynn Form, he holds professorships at UCLA, Yale and the Universität für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna.

MoA08 seminars at the Media Centre Lume on May 19 - 22, 2008
Seminars are open for everyone and can be attended free of charge.Registration to seminars through this web site from April 14th onwards.