Marjukka Takala
New Masters on Their Way!

Helsinki calling! The University of Art and Design Helsinki (TaiK) is proud to present the fourth Masters of Arts Festival (MoA08) in May 2008. MoA08 is the grand diploma work exhibition of the University and a festival of art, design and visual culture.

The diploma work exhibition is bursting with photography, industrial design, art, film, graphic design, fashion, media art, textile art, spaces, furniture, user interfaces, objects and research. There will be altogether close to 90 works with vibrant visions of freshly graduated masters of which close to 25 % are international students.

The festival program comprises international seminars, fashion shows, cinema screenings and other additional and sparkling program - creating an interesting dialogue with the exhibited works. The seminar topics of the year 2008 are Special Effect, Passion, Change and Ethics.  The guest speakers of the seminars include for example Greg Lynn, Neil Denari, Hitoshi Abe and Stephen Emmot.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact:

MoA08 PR material, exhibition and program information:
Ms. Tuuli Sotamaa, Head of Exhibition, tuuli.sotamaa(at) +358 50 3316727

University of Art and Design Helsinki:
Ms. Taina Lepistö, Communications analyst, taina.lepisto(at)  +358 503560751

The University of Art and Design Helsinki (TaiK) has been a leader in art and design education for over 130 years. TaiK is an international postgraduate university institution with students from over 50 countries. It offers doctorate, master and bachelor degrees in a wide range of disciplines - fine art, design, new media, art education, visual culture, motion picture and production design. TaiK is a pioneer in research and in developing interdisciplinary study programs. The activities of TaiK are based on close collaboration with world's best universities and companies. The University supports innovation activities through its business incubator Arabus and innovation service unit Designium and life long learning through IADE, Institute for Art, Development and Education. TaiK is proud of its alumni whose footprints are visible in contemporary culture, world of design, industry and education.

Helsinki School of Economics (HSE), University of Art and Design Helsinki (TAIK) and Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) will create a new Innovation University through a full merger of these three existing universities. The new university is due to start in August 1, 2009.