MoA08 stands on solid ground
A record breaking number of new graduates will take part in the Masters of Arts 2008 diploma work exhibition. Nearly 90 new projects will be exhibited in the Media Centre Lume, creating a rich and multidisciplinary entity. For the first time some of the diploma works will also be exhibited right in the heart of Helsinki.

The program of the festival will create an interesting dialogue with the exhibited works. MoA08 offers four international seminars, OmA discussions, cinema screenings, parties and city events. The legendary MoA tram will return to the streets of Helsinki after a yearlong break.

Also the production team of MoA has a record breaking number of members. Over the years the importance of MoA as an educational project has grown. There are 20 students and 10 professionals from various fields planning and producing this high quality and unique project. The visual identity, exhibition architecture and program of the MoA festival are results from the rich collaboration between these people.

The doors of MoA08 will open for the public on Wednesday May 7th, 2008 at 12 pm.