MoA08 teams chosen on week 43
The teams behind Masters of Arts Festival is every year different and the new teams will be chosen within the next two weeks.  The team responsible for the visual identity of the festival will be chosen from the MA graphic design students of TaiK. Exhibition architecture will now for the second time in a row be designed within a team consisting of students from TaiK and HUT. Last year the collaboration between these two schools resulted for example to the Rihla Pavillion. Furthermore a group of students will be chosen to plan and produce parts of the three-week festival program.

One of the founding ideas of MoA is to build a pedagogical project for students in various fields. MoA offers an opportunity for university students to be part of, plan, design and produce a concrete multidisciplinary project. It also enables unique networking possibilities with fellow students, professionals and with for example the international seminar speakers. The project also teaches students how to work within a large international team, how to keep timetables, how to brainstorm and create dreams and goals and how to meet them.

The MoA08 teams will be announced on this site on October 30, 2007