Sanna Peurakoski: Life vs Still Life
MoA 2007 works are selected!
All together diploma works from 76 graduates were selected to the Masters of Arts 2007 –exhibition. The number of exhibition works will increase in January 2007 as for example the Masters students who have been abroad for the autumn 2006 will meet the curator for the first time. The MoA 2007 exhibition will be greater and more versatile than the previous once. “There are works from each field of study and works that with each other showcase as different approaches as possible”, says the curator Katja Lindroos. “The number of applicants was very high, but the quantity didn’t have an influence on the quality. The high standard of the works also means that some good works are left out of the exhibition”.
The works are selected by Katja Lindroos. She has invited an advisory board three experts in their respective fields to discuss and to share their knowledge and point of view of each fields tipping points of this year.
The advisors are: 
Pekka Toivanen, industrial designer and CEO of Muotohiomo,
Juha Huuskonen, media artist and producer of PixelAche, among others and
Arja Miller, art historian and Senior Curator of Education and Interpretation in Tennispalatsi art museum.

The know-how of the graduates and other students of the University is visible not only in the exhibition but through out the festival time. For example the students of Art Education will run a number of workshops and events.

The selected exhibitors are:

Aarras, Anna-Maija (textile), Ahlholm, Anna (textile), Akimoto, Takako (applied arts), Astala, Eero (graphic), Autio, Pasi (photography), von Becker Tiia (industrial design), Bembibre, Noa (applied arts), Blekell, Ida (medialab), Burman, Tuuli (textile), Castro, Brenda (medialab), Granberg, Heidi (production design), Groof, Annika (film), Hasan Zeenath (medialab), Heikiö, Vilja (medialab), Heldt, Ninni (art education), Hiltunen, Enna (fashion design), Hiltunen, Tatu (photography), Härkäpää, Maria (textile), Huovio, Aino (photography), Hupponen, Paula (medialab), Hye Jin, Ahn (furniture), Ikeda, Takehiro (industrial design), Issakainen, Matleena (textile), Jaatinen, Kimmo (film), Juutilainen, Joonas (medialab), Kallionpää, Mari (applied), Kellokoski, Arto (medialab), Kelter, Erika (textile), Ketola, Maija Liina (graphic design), Kevo, Riikka (applied arts), Kivikangas, Teemu (medialab), Knif, Leena (art education), Kokkonen, Janina (film), Korkeaoja, Aapo (medialab), Korkiakoski, Sami (art education), Kujala, Annukka (pallas), Kujala, Jella (art education), Kurosawa, Yodo (furniture), Laine, Viivi (furniture), Lehtinen, Laura (fashion design), Lehtinen, Sampo (fashion design), Lindblom, Teriina (medialab), Liuhanen, Vesa (industrial design), Majuri, Susanna (photography), Mäkikoskela, Riikka (art education), Mattila, Tatu (medialab), Mladenov, Elisabeth (art education), Moisander, Juhana (fine arts), Nurmi, Marianne (textile), Pakarinen, Laura (fashion design), Perttilä, Sami (photography), Peurakoski, Sanna (pori), Planman, Jukka (industrial design), Puhakka, Henna (textile), Pällijeff, Katja (film), Rantala, Johanna (textile), Ritvos, Roope (medialab), Saito, Nao (spatial design), Salonen, Anu (fashion design), Samperio, Rodolfo (applied arts), Simula, Adele (medialab), Seppälä, Tuuli (production design), Söderlund, Natalie (industrial), Tikkanen, Tero (graphic design), Torikka, Liisa (medialab), Trapp, Markus (spatial design), Vaajakallio, Kirsikka (industrial), Vierikko, Anna-Mari (textile), Vilppunen, Anna-Maria (fashion design), Vinberg-Ollikainen, Elina (art education), Virkkunen, Janne (industrial), Vuorisalo, Marjukka (textile), Widerberg, Richard (medialab), Yamada, Midori (applied arts), Zukale, Miira (textile), Äijälä, Enni (applied arts)