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Photo: Sami Perttilä

Nude With Feeling
Photo: Elisabeth Mladenov

Robert of the Woods
Photo: Elisabeth Mladenov

First Kiss
Photo: Elisabeth Mladenov

Elisabeth Mladenov

Elisabeth Mladenov’s diploma work, Portraits of Humanity, consists of seven paintings and a thesis on provocative art. Her paintings paraphrase six photographs by four acknowledged artists, who have worked with provocative subjects: Robert Mapplethorpe, Joel-Peter Witkin, Andres Serrano and Jan Saudek. The unconventional photographs portray humanity in such ways as sexuality, faith and death. Mladenov’s paintings address these photographs, bringing up questions about their content and their consequences. They are contemplative works of art, involved with questions on how humanity can be portrayed. The seventh painting is not a paraphrase but a visual conclusion to the series.
    The written part of the diploma work lays out the social context of provocative art in Western contemporary society, focusing on themes that are relevant to the artistic production. It concerns the dynamics, the atmosphere and the consequences of the exchange between artists, art and audiences.

Elisabeth Mladenov studied Art Education at the University of Art and Design, Helsinki and became a Master of Arts in 2007. She has concentrated on painting, which plays an important role in her life. While still a student, she and three others founded the art collective Taidetoimisto, which was, for instance, commissioned to create a series of eleven paintings for Fortum Oil Oyj. In addition to painting, writing is an important form of expression for her. In her writings, she likes to address current topics in art education and art.
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