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Photo: Sami Perttilä

Photo: Anna-Riitta Kujala

Anna-Riitta Kujala

The mere existence of genius loci guarantees the survival of the naturalness of life in an urban environment. I believe that we are part of our environment, and therefore responsible for our own well-being throughout that environment. Inspired by the philosophy of Christian Norberg-Schulz and the architecture of Raili and Reima Pietilä, I have analysed the relations between place, space and mind. My genius loci emerges from these doctrines to fill our urban environment, the emptiness of which I claim at the Narinkka Square of the Kamppi Shopping Centre. My video installation consists of the visual product of the artistic-scientific analysis required by my theoretical study in all its possible forms. I will document the empty squares in the city centre and the voice of the residents through partners such as Risto Isomäki and the environmental organisation Dodo ry. Elsewhere I will dare Pallasmaa, one of the head architects of Kamppi, to take responsibility for his words and actions. I will clean the Narinkka Square of all that nature uses to expose itself (in other words, all the shit, dust, sweat, and cigarette ends that burden the tiles of the Square shall be collected and brought to Arabia in May).
Anna-Riitta Annukka Kujala believes that the purpose of art is to popularise social criticism and science. Her main tools are architecture, installation, painting, and video, which she uses to directly make the world a better place. Typical of her time, this neonomad has made home, apart from her native Finland, in Spain, Great Britain, Norway, Poland, Germany, Sicily, Thailand and the United States.  Her environmental art studies at UIAH, architect’s work at Maja Architects and Studio Acito and partners, and her husband take her between Finland, Italy, and Great Britain today. The silent research work is counterbalanced with her activities in Amnesty International, Children of the Station, Greenpeace, the Finnish Red Cross, Unicef, and the WWF, all of which make life worth living.
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