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Diving instructions

MoA07 may be called ”a small blue festival,” but as an exhibition it might be better described as a great, multicoloured ocean, where different works and methods of work are on show side by side and crosswise. The works created at the University of Art and Design Helsinki are art as well as commodities, and this is evident at MoA too. Instead of technique or degree programme, the works are sorted according to their contexts and intents: in what way is a piece of work created – with total emphasis on the creator or, for instance, working closely with the consumer – and what reality does the work latch onto – is it an industrial product or a constantly changing artistic process. 



The following themes emerge from the works at the 2007 MoA exhibition: innovations that facilitate everyday life, user-orientation in the design process, the meeting of different artists and cultures, the interaction between nature and artificial reality, fictional spaces and unspaces as well as little everyday observations that reveal a lot under close inspection. New at MoA this year are the literary, research-based diploma works that complete the picture of the work done at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Also new and unique is the architecture: a whole new world has been created in the studios at Media Centre Lume, where the works can be seen and experienced.
Prepare for a deep dive.




Exhibition open

Mon-Fri 12-20

Weekends 12-18